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Earthbound X-4

2009-03-26 23:42:56 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 25
Saturn Valley Online may seem, but there is something a young girl with Glitchy Powers, her boyfriend, and their rival must do. But they need Marshawn! So to get to Marshawn's location(Onett), they must defeat Reias, the Bisexual Pedo Monster.
Tracylv666, Sawyer, Jorge1 vs. PvP-obsessed dude
Tracylv666 fired a bottle rocket
PvP-obsessed dude took 121 damage
PvP-obsessed dude went to the graveyard
There was a Present, it was a letter from Marshawn, Tracylv666 took it.
I hope you found this letter. I can't stress without my SVO team back! I got 2 new friends, the legendary Ninten from Earthbound Zero/Mother 1 and Lucas from Earthbound 64/Earthbound 2/ Mother 3/ SSBB. Well see ya!
P.S. The Bisexual Pedo Monster is behind! Watch out for his penis Tracy! Ones who survived his fuck say his Penis is hard as rocks!
Tracylv666: Stay back!
Sawyer: But honey, I can't let you get raped!
Tracylv666: Here we go!
Tracylv666 vs. Bisexual Pedo Monster
Bisexual Pedo Monster molested Tracylv666
Tracylv666 dodged and countered with PK Fire Alpha
Bisexual Pedo Monster: You'll light my fires any day lady. Hehe!
Tracylv666: I rather fuck Poop!
Bisexual Pedo Monster is rapidly losing his erection
Bisexual Pedo Monster took 1213 damage
Tracylv666: I rape Poop! Poop is fun to rape!
Bisexual Pedo Monster lost his erection entirely
Bisexual Pedo Monster died
To be continued

Earthbound X-4

2009-03-24 21:25:39 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 24
Chapter 2
Marshawn just learned about his Ultimate Power. This Ultimate Power is the Ultimate Chair that's Marshawn's Ultimate Weapon called Ultima Chair. It's better than Marshawn's Time and Space Sword and Yo-yo of Arceus. Marshawn, Lucas, and Ninten search for the Ultimate Chair. Marshawn doesn't know his father is the Pokemon God himself, Arceus. So they search for the Chair that makes wielder become the Ruler of the Universe. So here is the Ultimate Story! I like to say "ultimate" all the time.
Marshawn: Man, that was some long introduction!
Lucas: So the first stop to the Ultima Chair is this Pimp Club?
Marshawn: According to The Book of Find the Ultima Chair, we must use PK Change. I don't know PK at all. NInten and Lucas will have to cast it on me. Make me Female and a Human.
The Party became feminine!
Lucca: Shawna! Why don't we just barge in with Uzis!
The Party returned back to normal!
Marshawn: Okay! We'll barge in with no plan and just screw up the hole place!
Marshawn equipped the AK-47
Ninten equipped the Mini gun
Lucas equipped the Mini-Uzi
Pimp Club
Pimp: What do you think you can just walk up?
Marshawn: My ears are bleeding!
Marshawn, Lucas, Ninten vs. Pimp
Marshawn used Rage
Pimp took 121 damage
Lucas used PK Change
The Party became Feminine! OMG!
Pimp used Pimp Rape on Ninta
Ninta took 1223 of Mortal Damage
Ninta got hurt and Collapsed
Shawna used Meteor
Pimp took 1213 damage
Lucca used PK Fire
Pimp took 2102 damage
Pimp died
Marshawn and Lucca gained 300 exp
Hoe 1: These bitches just took down our pimp!
Hoe 2: Time to die!
Hoe 3: let's go motherfuckas!
Marsha, Lucca vs. The Hoe Sisters
Marsha sent out his Hooker Mom
But it failed
Lucca sent out a Cursed Black Lion?!
The Hoe Sisters were cursed
A giant Mario Party 9001 came out of the sky and crushed The Hoe Sisters
The Hoe Sisters took 5000 damage
The Hoe Sisters sucked Marsha's boob
It failed NOOB! >:)
Marshawn used Revenge Strike
The Hoe Sisters took 9001 damage
The Hoe Sisters died
YOU WON!!!!!
The PK Change turned Marshawn, Lucas, and Ninten back to normal but their 6 years old (12 years old in Pokemon Age)
Cop: Freeze! Pimp Crimeass! Look at that! A bunch of toddlers took them down! HAHA!!!! Send out the lion!
Marshawn, Lucas, Ninten vs. Fake Cop, Lion
Marshawn used PK FUCKING FIRE!!!
To be motherfucking continued

Earthbound X-4

2009-01-10 20:43:33 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 23
Marshawn: Yay! Farsqa!
Ninten: An arena!
Girl: Give me back my purse!
Gangster: Never! HAHA!
Marshawn: Give it back!
Gangster: Make me!
Marshawn, Ninten, Lucas vs. Gangster
Marshawn casted Fire
Gangster took 91 damage
Ninten used PK Techno
Gangster took 108 damage
Gangster took out a 10mm machine gun and shot Marshawn
Marshawn took 12 damage
Lucas used PK Fire
Gangster took 121 damage
Marshawn fired a Bottle Rocket
Gangster took 112 damage
Gangster regained all senses
Marshawn and friends gained 123 xp
Marshawn leveled up to lv 12
Marshawn learned RPGs
Gangster: Great work Abbey!
Abbey: You're awesome Tyler!
Tyler: We did a good job getting to show to rock with actual heroes helping.
Marshawn: WTF!
Tyler: That was a show to get a hero's attention. We got a problem downtown!
Farsqa Downtown
Marshawn: What the hell is that?!
Tyler: That's the two headed dragon called, Inf'aw!
Marshawn: Let's-a go!
Marshawn, Tyler, Ninten vs. Inf'aw
Inf'aw breathed fire
Marshawn took 21 damage
Marshawn used RPGs
Earthbound Zero Gameplay videos hit Inf'aw
Inf'aw took 123 damage
Tyler used Thunder Bolt
Inf'aw took 132 damage
Ninten used PK Techno
Inf'aw took 213 damage
Inf'aw died
Marshawn and friends got 1213 xp
There was a present, Marshawn opened it, WHOA! There was a bottle of water, Marshawn took it.

Earthbound X-4

2008-12-28 14:00:02 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 22
Marshawn, Ninten vs. Pedobear
Pedobear offered Ninten "candy"
Ninten was not amused
Ninten threw a boomerang at Pedobear's crouch
Pedobear took 121 damage
Marshawn used Ultima
Pedobear took 98 damage
Pedobear raped Marshawn
Marshawn dodged it swiftly
Ninten used PK Techno
Pedobear ran away
Marshawn: You better stay away from us rapist!
Marshawn: Well, we got a World Map to Cross to get to the next town.
Magicant Cloud Field
Ninten: Lets get started.
Marshawn, Ninten vs. 8-bit Goomba
Marshawn attacked 8-bit Goomba with Yo-Yo of Arceus
8-bit Goomba took 18 damage
Ninten swinged his bat
8-bit Goomba took 16 damage
8-bit Goomba ran over Marshawn
Marshawn took 1 damage
Marshawn kicked 8-bit Goomba
8-bit Goomba got smashed
Marshawn: Let's sent up a tent. It's getting late, Ninten.
Magicant Cloud Fields-10:00 PM
Marshawn: Ninten, I heard a crash!
Micheal Jackson: Aow! 2 kids to molest!
Marshawn: So fight it on you monster!
Marshawn, Ninten, Lucas vs. Micheal Jackson
Marshawn: Lucas!
Lucas: Yep!
Lucas used PK Fire
Micheal Jackson took 64 damage
Micheal Jackson threw his hat and it hit Marshawn
Marshawn took 21 damage
Marshawn used Ultima
Micheal Jackson took 91 damage
Ninten used PK Techno
Micheal Jackson couldn't take Techno
Micheal Jackson took 219 damage
Lucas used PK Starstorm
Micheal Jackson took 391 damage
Micheal Jackson ran away

Episode 21
Marshawn: What is it now, Ninten?
Ninten: Asthma is gone! Thanks to Ana's PK Healing, and all it cost me was to get raped by my good pal Loid.
Marshawn: That's some good deal you got there.
Ninten: We're going on another adventure! Starting with jail breaking a character.
Marshawn: Shit!
Pokey: I stole Paula from Earthbound, Ana from Earthbound Zero, and Kumatora from Mother 3.
Marshawn: Tit fuck!
New Pork City Jail
Marshawn: Letsa Go!
Marshawn, Ninten vs. Navy SQUEAL, Pig Mask Solider
Marshawn attacks Navy SQUEAL with Sword of Arceus
Navy SQUEAL lv 1 12/30
Ninten used PK Techno
Navy SQUEAL died
Pig Mask Solider shot Marshawn with his laser gun
Marshawn lv 7 102/110
Marshawn attacks Pig Mask Solider with Sword of Arceus
12 Hit Combo!!!!!!!
Pig Mask Solider died
Kumatora: Help Me Marshawn!
Pig Mask Major used Rape on Kumatora
Marshawn vs. Pig Mask Major
Pig Mask Major did a barrel roll
It did nothing! FOOL!
Marshawn threw Dagger
Pig Mask Major lv 10 143/189
Pig Mask Major raped Kumatora
Marshawn took damage from the sorrowness
Marshawn lv 7 91/110
Marshawn LIMIT BREAK! Summon Legendary Pokemon!
Marshawn summoned... OH NO! NOT MISSINGNO!
Missingno hacked the game
Marshawn became invincible
Marshawn did a barrel roll
Pig Mask Major Died
Kumatora joined the party
Navy SQUEAL used rape on Ana and Paula
Ninten vs. Navy SQUEAL
Ninten attacked Navy SQUEAL with Rick Roll Bat
Navy SQUEAL died
Marshawn: We can only have 3 in a party.
Choose your party:
FINAL BATTLE!(Already Thanks Missingo)
Marshawn, Kumatora, Paula vs. Pokey
Marshawn gained lv 100
Kumatora gained lv 100
Paula gained lv 100
Marshawn used Majic-StarApocalypse
Pokey lv ?? ???/???
Kumatora used PK Starstorm
Pokey lv ?? ???/???
Paula sang the song
Marshawn: Oh great, Caramelldansen. We'll have to dance to it don't we?
Paula: Yep!
Marshawn, Kumatora, and Paula danced to Caramelldansen
Pokey lv 100 12321/99999
Pokey lv 100 2131/99999
Pokey lv 100 999/99999
Pokey died

Earthbound X-0

2008-12-02 21:52:34 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 20: I got me some gold!
Emperor of the Underworld's Lair
Emperor: Mwahahahaha! There is nothing you can do to stop me!
Marshawn, Giegue, Ninten vs. Emperor of the Underworld
Marshawn LIMIT BREAK!! PK Star Apocalypse!
Emperor of the Underworld lv ?? ???/???
Giegue sang the song
Emperor of the Underworld lv ?? 4/5
Ninten sang the song
Emperor: IT BURNS!!!
Emperor of the Underworld lv ?? 3/5
Emperor of the Underworld used PK Death
Marshawn's Magic Mirror blocked the attack
Marshawn sang the song
Emperor: It so holy! IT REALLY BURNS!!
Emperor of the Underworld lv ?? 1/5
Giegue sang the song
Emperor: How was I defeated by such terrible singing!
Emperor of the Underworld dissolved into thin air
Marshawn was sent love letters by Ana of Earthbound Zero
Marshawn explored dungeons with Ninten
Earthbound Zero was sold on the Virtual Console for $5
Marshawn Rick Roll'd Malleo, causing Malleo to die for good
Queen Mary continued to be the Magicant Queen
Giegue returned into her child form when she met Queen Mary and George
Game Over!

Earthbound X-0

2008-11-30 15:26:33 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 19: Earthbound Zero Rocks!
Queen Mary: Giegue?
Giegue: Mom?
Ninten: Great grand mom?!
Queen Mary: That's right! Good thinking skills. Marshawn doesn't pay me rent because I don't allow rent in Magicant. I allow people to have houses for free. Marshawn is our hero. Marshawn was also raised by me. He just flew out of the sky on day. He is the only one of his kind.
Marshawn: Then that makes... OMG I have a final boss as a sister!
Queen Mary: That's right. You showed Giegue her good side. When knights pulled out the Sword of Arceus. At age 9, Marshawn pulled out the Sword. At age 11 on his birthday, he stopped aging. He is an 11 year old for life.
Marshawn: OMG!
Ninten: If Marshawn has a legendary sword, why not take down the Masked Man with it?
Queen Mary: Bring out the simulator!
Marshawn: I'm going to make a Youtube Poop Joke now!
Marshawn vs. Masked Man
Marshawn used Beat Up Senselessly
Masked Man lv 99 121/222
Masked Man couldn't do a thing
Marshawn kept beating up Masked Man
Masked Man fainted
Queen Mary: Surprising. Marshawn grows stronger each day in physical and mental combat. Look I'll join the adventure. Just for Marshawn and Giegue. I have worked on my combat skills. But there can only be 3 in a party. So I'll wait at the Mothership.
Marshawn: I forgot my Youtube Poop Joke! Oh well.
Giegue's Mothership
Queen Mary: Marshawn, you'll need to teleport to Farore's Home. A nebula where it's just wind. It's rumored that are 4th Giygas is there.
Marshawn, Queen Mary, Ninten vs. Yushee Giygas
Marshawn attacked Yushee Giygas with Sword of Arceus
Yushee Giygas lv ?? 91230/10000
Queen Mary used PK Hack
Yushee Giygas was hacked
Yushee Giygas lv ?? 123/999
Marshawn: F--- this!
Marshawn divides Yushee Giygas by zero
Yushee Giygas dies
Din: What is this? MORTALS! IN OUR REALM!
Farore: Calm down you hothead! This is Marshawn. I told you about him.
Queen Mary: I sensed evil in your realm.
To be continued.

Earthbound X-0

2008-11-30 13:42:42 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 18: OMG A CLIFF
Giegue's Mothership
Giegue: I know it's empty.
Marshawn: I found Mountain Dew!
Ninten: No way!
Giegue: Hand me one!
Marshawn, Ninten, and Giegue drank Mountain Dew
All damage restored
Giegue: There is a new darkness. The Shadow Queen is the new enemy. We must visit Queen Mary in Magicant.
Marshawn: Get ready to PK Teleported to my home. I live in Magicant.
Queen Mary's Castle
Marshawn, Ninten, Giegue vs. Shadow Queen
Marshawn: Wow! A Paper Mario Boss!
Marshawn threw a NYE Bomb
Shadow Queen lv ?? 8120/9999
Ninten used PK Techno
The Battle Theme stopped
8-bit Scatman played
Shadow Queen lv ?? 5321/9999
Giegue used Mothership Laser
Shadow Queen lv ?? 4123/9999
Shadow Queen attacked Marshawn
Marshawn lv 99 9103/9999
Marshawn: OMG! We are at the Max Level!
Marshawn used Bullhorn
Marshawn: You suck!
Shadow Queen was deeply offended
Shadow Queen lv ?? 1037/9999
Ninten used PK Techno
8-bit scatman stopped
EB0 Boss Battle played
Shadow Queen lv ?? 912/9999
Giegue used PK Starstorm
Shadow Queen ran away!
Shadow Queen: I will be back!
To be continued!

Earthbound X-0

2008-11-30 10:05:42 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 17: lol i like pie im bored are you?
Ninten: OMG Marshawn! Look!
Marshawn: I got me a Shaymin!
Ninten: M...M...MISSINGNO!
Marshawn: I didn't know you play Pokemon Ninten!
Ninten: No in this game we are standing in. You know! Earthbound X-0!
Marshawn vs. Missingno
Marshawn called Shaymin
Shaymin used Fertile Aura
Missingno was unmasked as Giegue
Marshawn called back Shaymin
Marshawn used Giegue Fan-Art
Giegue Fan-Art showed Giegue in a sexbikini
Giegue: I'll do anything! I swear! Just put away that picture!
Ninten: Anything? Will you help us with our quest?
Giegue: Sure!
Giegue joined the party
Giegue: I'm not one of the Giygases your looking to defeat I'm not it at all. Giygas is my retarded brother. He had excessive retardation in college and was actually the best student in College for the Retarded. He is your third Giygas.
Marshawn: Let's go!
Cave of the Past
Ninten: So this is what cool things I missed.
Giygas's Lair
Giygas: Giegue, how dare you join forces with Poop Pie and Lemon Toast!
Marshawn, Ninten, Giegue vs. Giygas
Marshawn prayed
Giygas lv ?? 8/9
Ninten prayed
Giygas lv ?? 7/9
Giegue prayed
Giygas lv ?? 1/9
You can't grasp the true fom of Giygas's Attack
Giegue made Marshawn grasp it.
Marshawn prayed
Giygas died!
Marshawn, Ninten, and Giegue ran to the Mothership
Voice: 3/5 Giygases.
To be continued

Earthbound Zero/Mother maybe my favorite RPG but there is one thing about Giegue that I don't like, Pokey x Giegue! The strangest thing to happen since Siamese Twin Couples. If you want proof, Don't I say I didn't warn you. Click the link(or Toon Link lol Nintendo Joke) Just remember the Interwebs can be a harsh and dark place sometimes.

This is the Toon Link I said in the paragraph above lol I like pie