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Earthbound X-0

2008-11-23 15:20:43 by SuperEeveeRPG

To my Friends on Youtube
Episode 16
Marshawn: I'm going to check on Newcal5.
Marshawn vs. Lamp
Marshawn attacked Lamp with Sword of Arceus
Lamp lv 1 9/12
Lamp attacked Marshawn
Marshawn lv 1 21/30
Marshawn used PK Techno
Marshawn gained 1 xp
Lina's Room
Lina: Marshawn! They took my necklace that changes me into Link!
Marshawn vs. Dark Doll
Dark Doll used Unholy
Marshawn lv 1 19/30
Marshawn used PK Freeze
Dark Doll lv 2 12/20
Dark Doll attacked Marshawn
Marshawn dodges swiftly
Marshawn attacked Dark Doll with Sword of Arceus
Marshawn gained 10 xp
Marshawn gained lv 2
The poltergeist stopped
A music box was inside the Dark Doll
It played
Marshawn remembered the tune
Newcal5: Thank god! Marshawn are you ok!
Marshawn: Yep!
Newcal5: Micheal Jackson did this. Looks like he gotten in touch with the pure darkness in him. We need to stop him!
Newcal5 joined the group
Lina: I'm going to do anything to stop him before he takes over the children. Espically Marshawn our 11 year old friend. Without him, we wouldn't be living in Magicant.
World Map
Marshawn: This is for my friend who was raped and killed by Micheal Jackson, Tori.
Newcal5: Ninten should be here some where.
Lina: Look! A Live House maybe Ninten is here.
Marshawn: We'll look.
Live House
Lina: We would like to sing.
Guy: Well Jam!
Marshawn: *whispers to Lina* We don't know any song.
Lina: Just play along.
Marshawn, Newcal5, and Lina played All I Needed-Earthbound Zero
Ninten: There is no toilet-paper!
The Party stopped
Ninten: Over here!
Teddy: You beat up my friends!
Marshawn, Ninten vs. B.B. Boss
Marshawn used PK Freeze
B.B. Boss lv 2 9/12
Ninten attacked B.B. Boss with Plastic Bat
Teddy: Sorry. My name is Teddy!
Marshawn: Let's go!
Marshawn, Ninten, Teddy vs. Malleo Giygas
Marshawn: Oh Crap!
Ninten attacked Malleo Giygas with Plastic Bat
Malleo Giygas lv 5 59/61
Ninten lv 2 23/30
Teddy attacked Malleo Giygas with Sword
Malleo Giygas lv 5 52/61
Marshawn used Epic Song
Marshawn played Piggy Guys-Mother 3
Malleo Giygas lv 5 12/61
Ninten used PK Techno
Marshawn gained lv 3
Marshawn learned PK RPGs
Voice: This is 1/5 Giygases.
Marshawn, Ninten, Lina, Newcal5, and Teddy were teleported somewhere
Marshawn, Newcal5, Ninten vs. Micheal Jackson Giygas
Micheal Jackson Giygas: We have many battles but this is our final one!
Marshawn used PK Hack
Micheal Jackson Giygas can be instantly killed with Pokemon Music
Marshawn: I got it!
Marshawn played Ground Battle-Pokemon Ruby
To be continued.

Earthbound X-2: Oblivion

2008-11-08 22:27:13 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 15
Small Mario: It's a me, Small Mario!
Super Mario: It's a me, Super Mario!
Fire Mario: It's a me, Fire Mario!
Cape Mario: It's a me, Cape Mario!
Marshawn: Holy! Mario's!
Luigi: Hi Mario.
Super Mario: Luigi, you make us Mario's proud. Nintendo may hate you but I'm still your brother. We repesent you as Super Luigi!
Luigi: Thank you.
Marshawn: *cries* Mother 3 brings people together.
Super Mario: Marshawn, we think of you as one of ourselves. We give you some Marshawn, Ninja Marshawn, Warrior Marshawn, and Dr. Marshawn.
Marshawn: Thanks.
Marshawn opened the chest
Marshawn got Sword of Arceus
So peace was spreaded around the world like butter and toast. That makes me hungry.
Franky: Marshawn! Wow! Look at the gear on you! Sharks make people fools but your like Arceus' Child!
Peach's Castle
Peach: Luigi! You had me worried! But you are a hero!
Kumatora's Castle
Kumatora: Jump on the bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zelda: Link I think you deserve some action.
Link: ok....
Zelda pulls Link into her room.
Zelda: It's going to be fun!
Marshawn's House
Shelby: Marshawn!
Marshawn: Shelby, Starry!
Shelby: I'm an orphan so I'm stay with you!
Marshawn: Ok...
Mom: Marshawn, my little eevee boy is back!
To be continued!

Earthbound X-2: Oblivion

2008-11-08 18:48:48 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 14
Marshawn: It's time!
Marshawn vs. Weemallsheegas
Marshawn: Time to end this!
Marshawn played Mr. Great's Theme-DCMC
Marshawn used Water Flower
Weemallsheegas lv ?? ???/???
Weemallsheegas used Weegee Stare
Marshawn wasn't affected due to focusing on the song
Marshawn used PK Starstorm
Weemallsheegas lv ?? ???/???
Weemallsheegas: Marshawn, your family is dead. You have no purpose to live.
Marshawn: Whateva!
Weemallsheegas was glitched
Weemallsheegas lv 0 1/0
Marshawn: It's over...
Marshawn is coyright of Mt. Marshawn Productions
Loki is copyright of Fineas(Newgrounds)
Weemallsheegas is copyright of ACFan120(Youtube)
Other stuff is copyright of their owners
Marshawn: Game Over!

Episode 1

Marshawn vs. Malleo
Marshawn used PK Freeze Sigma
Super Effective!
Critical Hit!
Malleo lv ?? ???/???
Malleo used Fire Flower
Marshawn lv 8 56/276
Malleo used Fire Flower
Game over... Wait Marshawn has a Phoenix Down in his inventory!
Marshawn was resurrected
Marshawn: Yes!
Luigi's Hologram: Marshawn, New Age Retro Hippie!
Marshawn: Yeah!
Marshawn played New Age Retro Hippie- Earthbound X
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Malleo died!!!!!!!!!
Marshawn gained lv 9
Marshawn learned Your face will die!

Victory Music!

/* */

Earthbound X-2: Oblivion

2008-11-02 13:30:34 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 13
Pit: This should be where Marshawn lives.
Solider: An angel! Marshawn!
Marshawn: Pit!
Pit: Marshawn!
Pit: We are in another war. They are looking for you! They want you because they say your infringing their powers!
Marshawn: My Star Power is pure!
Star World
Marshawn, Pit vs. Star King
Marshawn attacked Star King with Marshawn's Bat
Pit: Are you out of your mind?!
Marshawn lv L33T 1/Over 9000
Pit: I'm going puke the next time I see that joke in a status.
Pit used Skull Basher
Marshawn pulled out his PC
Marshawn played Heat of Battle-Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Pit: So that's the name of the normal battle theme.
To be continued!

Enjoy the music!

/* */

Earthbound X-2: Oblivion

2008-11-01 15:19:15 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 12
Battlehorn Castle
Xavier: Man I thought you were up for grabs but I guess It would just make a bruise on your head when I threw the Master Ball.
Marshawn: It's ok.
Marshawn opened up his PC
Marshawn went to Firefox
Xavier: You have that Firefox.
Marshawn: Yep!
Marshawn went to Ingameplugins.rpg
Marshawn: I can't believe this. Ingame Plug-ins!
SuperEeveeRPG's Home
SuperEeveeRPG: 0.o. Oh well time to get the plug-in. Let me see here. Finally! The home construction plug-in is here! I can finally build more to my home, rename Quest Homes like Battlehorn Castle, add services, add a dungeon to my home with a fast and easy design, and create NPCs for my home. Aw sweet!
Battlehorn Castle
Marshawn downloaded The Home Construction Plug-In
A dungeon was added to Battlehorn Castle
Marshawn: Here have this Xavier.
Xavier got Iron Shortsword
Xavier got Iron Greaves
Xavier got Iron Chestpiece
Xavier got Iron Boots
Xavier vs. Marshawn
Xavier attacked Marshawn with Iron Shortsword
Marshawn lv 6 99/120
Marshawn attacked Xavier with Cutlass
Xavier lv 4 109/130
Xavier used Flare
Marshawn lv 6 89/120
Marshawn used Heal Minor Wounds
Marshawn lv 6 120/120
Xavier used Disable
Marshawn can't use Heal Minor Wounds
Marshawn attacked Xavier with Cutlass
Xavier used Arceus' Heart
Xavier lv 4 130/130
Lucky! Xavier got another turn!
Xavier used Elemental Flare
Marshawn lv 6 86/120
Marshawn used Metal Claw
Marshawn lv 6 79/120
Xavier used Skull Basher
Critical Hit!
Marshawn lv 6 12/120
Marshawn used Iron Tail
Marshawn lv 6 10/120
Xavier used Pikachu Bolt
Xavier gained lv 5
Xavier learned Eevee Tackle
Marshawn: Wow! I went like if it was a percentage I went easy on you like 12% Just because so I can't kill you.
Umaril's Spiritual Plane
Umaril: You Marshawn hold the Crusader Artifacts so die!
Marshawn, Xavier, Link, Luigi vs. Umaril
Luigi: Hey Marshawn!
Luigi: Used Umaril's Nerf
Umaril became more of a noob
Umaril lv 12 900/900
Marshawn pulled out a Machine Gun
Xavier used Pikachu Bolt
Umaril lv 12 860/900
Marshawn started Shooting
Umaril lv 12 843/900
Link used Bombchu
Umaril lv 12 787/900
Umaril attacked Marshawn with Umaril's Sword
Critical Block!
Umaril lv 12 561/900
Luigi used Final Smash!
To be continued!

Eartbound X-2: Oblivion

2008-11-01 11:34:26 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 11
Marshawn, Shelby, Franky vs. New Age Retro Hippie
Franky: Who has been stealing my theme?!
Franky attacked New Age Retro Hippie with Dagger
New Age Retro Hippie lv 1 90/99
New Age Retro Hippie used Bullhorn
Hippie: Get in the dang castle!
Marshawn was raging
Marshawn used Star Rage
Franky: That's what you get for stealing my theme in Mother 2!
Party gained 60 xp
Marshawn gained lv 5
The Lost Woods
Marshawn: Zelda Reference.
???: Go Pikachu!
Marshawn vs. Pikachu
Marshawn used Metal Claw
Pikachu lv 5 90/100
Pikachu used Tackle
Marshawn lv 5 90/99
Marshawn used Earthquake
It's Super Effective
Pikachu lv 5 75/100
Pikachu used Growl
Marshawn used Metronome
Marshawn used Star Bomb
PIkachu lv 5 35/100
Pikachu's health is critical!
Pikachu used Thunder
Marshawn used Mach Punch
Marshawn gained 90 xp
Marshawn gained lv 6
Marshawn vs. Lucario
Marshawn used Metronome
Marshawn used Psychic Bomb Field
Marshawn gained 54 xp
Marshawn vs. Primal Dialga
Marshawn used Thrash
Marshawn pulled out the PC
Tutorial: Your PC is a link to your music source. Go to and search out an existing video and in the highest quality known to reality, listen to music.
Marshawn entered in Caramell Dansen Mario Paint
Over 9000 results!
Marshawn: That joke is old!
Marshawn clicked on one made by chibihakuryu
Then clicked on a link that said What is Love? on Mario Paint Composer
Marshawn gained the Mario Paint Soundtrack
Marshawn: Traps!
A Pokemon Trainer who tried to capture Marshawn but failed.
Xavier: Oh man!
Marshawn attacked Traps with Cutlass
Marshawn vs. Dodongo
Marshawn attacked Traps with Cutlass
To be continued!

link saves the day!(By farting.)

/* */

Testing youtube

2008-10-30 11:54:11 by SuperEeveeRPG

This is a test of putting youtube videos on here. It's suppose to be Earthbound Caramell Dansen
Music by Nico Nico

/* */

Earthbound X

2008-10-26 17:55:01 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 10
Somewhere else at the next PK User
???: Now where has that Star Dragon now?
A girl about Loki's Age(8) that has a Star Dragon...
Her Star Dragon, Star Dragons are about the size as my dog and my dog is have my size. He'll bite you. He's old, about six years old in human age. What is the formula for dog years again? I don't know...
Shelby: Starry!
Starry: Raaaaaaaawwww!!!!
Shelby: Starry is in danger!
Shelby vs. Poacher
Shelby bashed Poacher with Cheap Dagger
Poacher lv 49 9000/9990
Poacher shot Shelby with Bow
Shelby lv 50 9123/10009
Shelby used PK Freeze Sigma
Poacher lv 49 5495/9990
Poacher whipped Shelby
Shelby: How dare you Perv!
Shelby used Steal
Shelby stole Life Up Cream
Poacher: *whisper* yes that is it...
Shelby used Tomboy Insult
Shelby: You're a Lower Class, Retard!
Poacher murdered himself!
Shelby: Starry, come here!
Battlebat Castle-Tori's Room
Tori prayed
Tori: (Shelby... Come find us at Battlebat Castle...You will venture with us... Bring Starry!)
Shelby's Dungeon
Shelby: Let's go to Battlebat Castle.
Shelby holds on to Starry's legs while Starry Flies
Starry: Raaawww!
Battlebat Castle
Shelby: What the f***!
Shelby, Starry vs. Tentacle, Tentacle, Tentacle
Starry used Star Hurricane
Tentacle A lv 56 9000/9586
Shelby used Illegal Fireworks
Tentacle A was destroyed
Tentacle B used Something Wierd
Shelby: Perv Tentacles!
Shelby: Get away! Ugh!
Shelby used Tomboy Rage
Shelby, Marshawn, Starry, Olaf vs. Sephiroth
Marshawn: Mama's Boy!
To be continued!