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Earthbound X-0

2008-11-30 13:42:42 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 18: OMG A CLIFF
Giegue's Mothership
Giegue: I know it's empty.
Marshawn: I found Mountain Dew!
Ninten: No way!
Giegue: Hand me one!
Marshawn, Ninten, and Giegue drank Mountain Dew
All damage restored
Giegue: There is a new darkness. The Shadow Queen is the new enemy. We must visit Queen Mary in Magicant.
Marshawn: Get ready to PK Teleported to my home. I live in Magicant.
Queen Mary's Castle
Marshawn, Ninten, Giegue vs. Shadow Queen
Marshawn: Wow! A Paper Mario Boss!
Marshawn threw a NYE Bomb
Shadow Queen lv ?? 8120/9999
Ninten used PK Techno
The Battle Theme stopped
8-bit Scatman played
Shadow Queen lv ?? 5321/9999
Giegue used Mothership Laser
Shadow Queen lv ?? 4123/9999
Shadow Queen attacked Marshawn
Marshawn lv 99 9103/9999
Marshawn: OMG! We are at the Max Level!
Marshawn used Bullhorn
Marshawn: You suck!
Shadow Queen was deeply offended
Shadow Queen lv ?? 1037/9999
Ninten used PK Techno
8-bit scatman stopped
EB0 Boss Battle played
Shadow Queen lv ?? 912/9999
Giegue used PK Starstorm
Shadow Queen ran away!
Shadow Queen: I will be back!
To be continued!


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