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Earthbound X-0

2008-11-30 15:26:33 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 19: Earthbound Zero Rocks!
Queen Mary: Giegue?
Giegue: Mom?
Ninten: Great grand mom?!
Queen Mary: That's right! Good thinking skills. Marshawn doesn't pay me rent because I don't allow rent in Magicant. I allow people to have houses for free. Marshawn is our hero. Marshawn was also raised by me. He just flew out of the sky on day. He is the only one of his kind.
Marshawn: Then that makes... OMG I have a final boss as a sister!
Queen Mary: That's right. You showed Giegue her good side. When knights pulled out the Sword of Arceus. At age 9, Marshawn pulled out the Sword. At age 11 on his birthday, he stopped aging. He is an 11 year old for life.
Marshawn: OMG!
Ninten: If Marshawn has a legendary sword, why not take down the Masked Man with it?
Queen Mary: Bring out the simulator!
Marshawn: I'm going to make a Youtube Poop Joke now!
Marshawn vs. Masked Man
Marshawn used Beat Up Senselessly
Masked Man lv 99 121/222
Masked Man couldn't do a thing
Marshawn kept beating up Masked Man
Masked Man fainted
Queen Mary: Surprising. Marshawn grows stronger each day in physical and mental combat. Look I'll join the adventure. Just for Marshawn and Giegue. I have worked on my combat skills. But there can only be 3 in a party. So I'll wait at the Mothership.
Marshawn: I forgot my Youtube Poop Joke! Oh well.
Giegue's Mothership
Queen Mary: Marshawn, you'll need to teleport to Farore's Home. A nebula where it's just wind. It's rumored that are 4th Giygas is there.
Marshawn, Queen Mary, Ninten vs. Yushee Giygas
Marshawn attacked Yushee Giygas with Sword of Arceus
Yushee Giygas lv ?? 91230/10000
Queen Mary used PK Hack
Yushee Giygas was hacked
Yushee Giygas lv ?? 123/999
Marshawn: F--- this!
Marshawn divides Yushee Giygas by zero
Yushee Giygas dies
Din: What is this? MORTALS! IN OUR REALM!
Farore: Calm down you hothead! This is Marshawn. I told you about him.
Queen Mary: I sensed evil in your realm.
To be continued.


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