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Earthbound X-0

2008-11-30 10:05:42 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 17: lol i like pie im bored are you?
Ninten: OMG Marshawn! Look!
Marshawn: I got me a Shaymin!
Ninten: M...M...MISSINGNO!
Marshawn: I didn't know you play Pokemon Ninten!
Ninten: No in this game we are standing in. You know! Earthbound X-0!
Marshawn vs. Missingno
Marshawn called Shaymin
Shaymin used Fertile Aura
Missingno was unmasked as Giegue
Marshawn called back Shaymin
Marshawn used Giegue Fan-Art
Giegue Fan-Art showed Giegue in a sexbikini
Giegue: I'll do anything! I swear! Just put away that picture!
Ninten: Anything? Will you help us with our quest?
Giegue: Sure!
Giegue joined the party
Giegue: I'm not one of the Giygases your looking to defeat I'm not it at all. Giygas is my retarded brother. He had excessive retardation in college and was actually the best student in College for the Retarded. He is your third Giygas.
Marshawn: Let's go!
Cave of the Past
Ninten: So this is what cool things I missed.
Giygas's Lair
Giygas: Giegue, how dare you join forces with Poop Pie and Lemon Toast!
Marshawn, Ninten, Giegue vs. Giygas
Marshawn prayed
Giygas lv ?? 8/9
Ninten prayed
Giygas lv ?? 7/9
Giegue prayed
Giygas lv ?? 1/9
You can't grasp the true fom of Giygas's Attack
Giegue made Marshawn grasp it.
Marshawn prayed
Giygas died!
Marshawn, Ninten, and Giegue ran to the Mothership
Voice: 3/5 Giygases.
To be continued


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