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Pokemon RPG

2008-09-27 18:28:33 by SuperEeveeRPG

Day 6
1:30 AM
Aeris: Tifa, I dont think Frog's theme would wake him up.
Tifa: If you want to go on that ride with Marshawn you better wake his furry tail up.
Marshawn:*mumbles* What?
Aeris: Go on a date with me?
Marshawn:*still mumbling* sure...
Aeris: He would to battle tonight's monster.
Man: Sure.
Marshawn vs. ChocoDrago
ChocoDrago used ChocoFlare
Marshawn lv 45 90/150
Marshawn used Spacial Rend
ChocoDrago lv 59 590/1000
ChocoDrago attack
Marshawn lv 45 50/150
Marshawn LIMIT BREAK 1000 Needles Chocobo Mode!
ChocoDrago lv 59 120/1000
ChocoDrago attacked
Marshawn used Aura
Marshawn lv 45 290/150 BREAK
ChocoDrago attacked
Marshawn attacked
ChocoDrago Dead
Victory! :D
Marshawn gained 4000 xp
Marshawn gained lv 90(Real Level)
Earned Chrono Sword.

Aeris: Yeah!
*Crowd Cheers*
Man: You were most excellent.
Marshawn:*Looks at the machine.* Can I take machine home.
Marshawn: 2 please.
Man: You must be Marshawn. For free.
Aeris: Thank You.
On the ride.
Aeris: That battle must make you energetic.
Marshawn: Yep.
Aeris: You have a Ocarina Right?
Marshawn: Yep, The Time Ocarina.
Aeris: Play Wind Scene from Chrono Trigger.
Marshawn: Okay. *Starts Playing*
Aeris: I feel like my sin is being washed away.
Aeris: Look!
Marshawn: Yeah The Fireworks They are beautiful.
Aeris: That was a good date.
Marshawn: Ditto.
7:30 AM
Marshawn: Time to Start on that Machine.
9:30 AM
Marshawn: Finished. Everyone say Hello to R.O.B. or L90C Let's test him out. ROB Fight Me.
Marshawn vs. ROB
ROB used Rip Off LAZ0R
Marshawn: ROB Done.
Victory. :D
ROB: Behind you.
Marshawn, Cactaur, Chocobo vs. Shrina Army
Marshawn used Rotten Vegetables
Shrina Army lv 2 90 soilders
Cactaur used 1000k needles
Shrina Army lv 32 120 soilders
Aeris, Tonberry, Tifa, ROB, Zack, Cloud, and Crono joins the battle.
Party Tech! Killer Ultima!
Shrina Army lv 31 30 Soilders.
Shrina Army used Machine guns
Aeris lv 87 600/900
Aeris, Marshawn, Cactaur Triple Tech. Atom Bomb
Marshawn: Where's your god now!
Party was protected in a Barrier.
Victory! :D
3000 xp
Crono: You resume what you were doing I'll get these FFVII guys back to End of Time.
Marshawn: Freaky... Oh well.
Marshawn: Where are we?
Marshawn, Aeris, Tifa vs. Master Hand
Marshawn used Rocket Launcher
Master Hand lv 91 9010/10000
Tifa used Roar of Time
Master Hand lv 91 3000/10000
Aeris used Choco Stomp
Master Hand lv 91 0/10000
Victory! :D
Marshawn: Let's get out of here!
Tifa: Agreed.
To be continued

Pokemon RPG

2008-09-27 16:36:06 by SuperEeveeRPG

Day 5[Continue]
Genesis: Sike!
Marshawn, Aeris vs. Genesis
Genesis summoned Bahamut Fury!
Marshawn: Crap!
Marshawn, Aeris, Tifa vs. Bahamut Fury
Tifa: On the loose, The Adventurous Tomboy joins.
Marshawn: !
Aeris: ?!
Q*Bert: !?@$#
Tifa used Falcon Punch
Bahamut Fury used Exaflare
Marshawn used Protect
Party takes no damage
Marshawn picked up the radio
Radio: Next up for 5 days straight Chrono Trigger Battle theme.
Radio used Epic Music.
Bahamut Fury lv 100 3490/99999
Marshawn ate the Volcano Taco.
Marshawn learned Dark Matter(lol)
Aeris LIMIT BREAK Ancient Power
Bahamut Fury lv 100 0/99999
Marshawn, Aeris, Tifa, Tonberry, Cactaur, Chocobo vs. Mystic Quest's Dark King
Dark King: I will consume and destroy the World
Cactaur: Not if The Team of Heroic monster can help you with your doom.
Tonberry: Humans and WereEevee will you help aid us.
Marshawn: Yep.
Marshawn: Consume my Cure!
Dark King lv 1337 9000/18000
Tonberry: Don't even my Murderous Thrust can beat that.
Ultimate Marshawn lv 133713371337 Infinity/Infinity Foo!
Ultimate Marshawn used Supernova
Dark King lv 1337 3000/18000
Aeris handed Marshawn the Masamune VII
Marshawn: DIE!
Marshawn attacked.
Dark King lv 1337 0/18000
Victory! Finally!
Party gained 1000 xp
Cactaur, Tonberry, Tifa, and Chocobo joined party.
Marshawn: Let's go.
Later that day.
Marshawn: Let's go search.
Tonberry: The Golden Saucer. Can we go there?
Marshawn: Yep let's land.
NIce Man: Please register at the office
Registery Man: Ah! Marshawn, a hero, let's see here, No burgerly, low greed, low selfishness, Heroic Action, low sin.
Registery Man: Well done we have been saving you a room for free. It's all yours, you keep it.
Marshawn: Wow!
Tifa: Thank you Marshawn!
Aeris: Awesome!
Tonberry: Ditto.
Cactaur: Charizard.
Chocobo: Kyrribo!
Marshawn: Fancy Radio. Oh I like this Birabuto Arranged Theme.
Later that day.
Marshawn: I like this washer machine.
Aeris: Marshawn, Tell me why you take a bath in your swim trunks in the washer.
Marshawn: So my Fur is all nice and soft.
Aeris: Right.
Marshawn: I use Oxiclean in it.
To be continued

Pokemon RPG

2008-09-27 02:43:27 by SuperEeveeRPG

Day 4[Continued]
Crono: The Gate.
*Party enters the Gate.*
Old Man: Hey! You brought back to much friends.
Old Man: I got some extra space. Marshawn go see Spekkio or whoever he is. He's always changing.
Spekkio: Let's practice.
Marshawn vs. Spekkio
Marshawn used Falcon Punch
Spekkio lv ** 987/999
Spekkio throws Drum
Marshawn dodges and counterattacks.
Spekkio lv ** 887/999
Marshawn LIMIT BREAK Apocalypse lv 10
Spekkio lv *** 200/999
Marshawn uses Heckfire
Spekkio lv *** 134/999
Spekkio turns into Lavos
Spekkio(Lavos) uses LAZ0R
??? took the hit.
Marshawn: Who are you?
Aeris: My name is Aeris, the Flower Girl in the Midgar Slums.
Marshawn and Aeris double tech. Angel Claw
Spekkio(Lavos) 0/999
Marshawn: I did it!
Aeris: Yeah!
Lucca: Keep your theme up Robo, it help sets the mood.
100 xp gained
Marshawn got the Masamune VII
Aeris got the Ressurect Rod.

Spekkio: I lost. You have no reason to gain a magic element, you can already use magic.

*Marshawn leaves Spekkio's and trys to leave.*
Marshawn: I'll make myself my own Epoch.
2 hours later
Spekkio: Bowser you are up.
Marshawn: Done
Aeris: Whatcha going to call?
Marshawn: How about the Time Angel.
Aeris: Beutiful.
Lucca: Robo, I think I smell love from Aeris. She's bonding rapidly from Marshawn.
Robo: I think so too.
Marshawn: Wanna go to the fair.
Aeris: Sure.
Marshawn, Aeris vs. Tonberry
Marshawn uses Karma
Attacks will backfire
Aeris uses Fire Flower
Tonberry lv 79 6089/9009
Tonberry uses Doink
Tonberry lv 79 400/9009
Tonberry uses Doink V2
Victory :D
Marshawn: Lets get some sleep.
*Goes to Marshawn's house.*
Marshawn: Mom! Mom!
Marshawn, Aeris vs. Bandit
Bandit uses Fira
Bandit uses Run like a little pink bunny
Gained 5 xp.

Marshawn: Mom!
Mom: I see you got a girlfriend. See I told you adventuring would get you women.
Marshawn: Wha...
Aeris: Yep I'm Aeris!
Marshawn: Wha?
Mom: Well go upstairs and sleep.
Day 5
Aeris: Will Marshawn wake up? Maybe making out with him will help maybe with tongue.* Makes out Marshawn.*
Marshawn: Look behind you!
Marshawn, Aeris, Fineas vs. Pink Bunny, Ngfan
Marshawn attacks with Excalibar
Pink bunny 998/999
Fineas uses Holy Spam
Ngfan 500/900
Aeris uses Hammer Time
Fineas uses Emo maker.
Pink bunny 0/999
Marshawn uses Dark Matter.
Ngfan 0/999
Marshawn: Who are you?
Fineas:My name is Fineas, guardian of The Flash Portal.
Marshawn: Where's that at.
Fineas I'll Show you
To be Continued!

Pokemon RP

2008-09-20 20:41:47 by SuperEeveeRPG

Day 4
Marshawn: I want tacos for breakfest!
Geno: Shrooms
Marshawn: How about we split up!
Sephiroth: Fooled ya!
Marshawn: Die Retardondo!
Marshawn, Luigi, Crono vs. Sephiroth
Marshawn: Where did you come from?!
Crono: I'm Crono and nevermind that!
Marshawn uses Feral Blast
Sephiroth lv 1337 906867/999999
Crono uses Luminare(Ultima)
Sephiroth lv 1337 89754/999999
Luigi uses Hammer Time
Sephiroth lv 1337 Status: Dizzy(Misses more) 879999/999999
Marshawn uses Retro Awesomness
Marshawn summons Ifrit
Ifrit uses Excel Fire
Awesome Critical!
Uber Effect!
Sephiroth lv Mama's Boy 900/999999
Sephiroth: You Must Die!
Sephiroth charges at Ifrit
Ifrit Lv. Ub3r 1337 999998/999999
Ifrit pokes Sephiroth
Mama's Boy lv easiest boss EV3R 0/1
Link uses book
Sephiroth: No not into the it burns!
No XP :D
Wait dont kill me I have no xp from him to give you!
Marshawn summoned Noob Killer Kefka
Kefka: *Stoopid Laugh*
Kefka used Noob Killer
XP giver lv 0 0/999999999999999999
you gained no xp.
Marshawn: Oh Well! That's done nice job Crono. Youtube Luigi.
Luigi and Crono: lol
Oops I pooped my Lazor. Mama!

Crono: Here it is. Sector 8. There is a Gate here. Lets go!
Marshawn: Here's a Shrina Troopa.
Luigi: 3, lets get their clothes.
Crono: 1st Class be cautish.
Marshawn, Luigi, Crono vs. Zack, Genisis, PBJ Time Trooper
Marshawn: I'll take Zack.
Luigi: Ima Luigi! #1 I'll take on Genisis
Crono: Cloud! Hand me your suit.
Marshawn uses Cannablism
Zack lv 1 0/1
Marshawn produces Marshawn's costume
Marshawn: Zack doesn't taste good.
Crono and Luigi: Dual Tech: Luminare Time
PBJ Time Trooper lv FUN 9/0
PBJ Time Trooper lv FUN 0/0
Marshawn uses Spam!
Marshawn: Bucket o' Nothing $99999999999999999999
Genisis lv N00B 0/999999
Party gained 70 xp
Marshawn gained PBJ and lv 20
Marshawn, Luigi, Ifrit, Cloud,Crono, Ramza, Kefka vs. Dark Marshawn
Marshawn uses Squall
Dark Marshawn lv F1NAL B055 status: Emo 99897/999999
Dark Marshawn uses Hard Rock
Kefka lv DIE! Unlimted
Marshawn uses Holy Water
Dark Marshawn uses Eternal Darkness
Marshawn and Dark Marshawn was teleported to the World but Crono, Cloud, Luigi, Zelda, Link, Ganondorf, Mario, Sonic, and Bowser came with them.
Marshawn: Wha?
Marshawn uses Rick Roll
Marshawn: *Sings Rick Roll*
Dark Marshawn lv F1NAL B055 ???/???
Mario uses Master Hand Punch
Marshawn summons Chocobo Army
Dark Marshawn lv N00B 1/???
Sonic uses poke
Dark Marshawn lv 0 0/99999999999999999999999999999999
Marshawn: Good work team! It's over.
Ayla: Ayla miss Crono.

To be contiuned!


2008-09-14 14:10:55 by SuperEeveeRPG

When I herad Robo's Theme I said "Square Enix RickRoll'd me."
Also Keep up the good work Fineas

You know what grinds my gears...
People like pink-bunny. See he sees hentai until he cums all over the place then while he waits for it to disolve then goes call people fags on people's creations like Fineas'. Just wanna Prove that people like that are 99x badder than Nazis and the Kitty Krew I look at hentai but at the not that much. i just dont want to see every video with those crappy animated kittys. That's like spam. And that what grinds my gears!

Pokemon RP 3

2008-08-31 20:42:02 by SuperEeveeRPG

[Day 3]
Mr Game & Watch:(Bell RIng)
Marshawn: Get up Shaymin
Marshawn: I need to catch some pokemon.
Legendary Battle!
Marshawn: Go Missingno
Missingno vs. Lugia
Missingno lv 32 120/120
Ice Beam
Seed Flare
Missingno used Ice Beam
Uberly Effective!
Lugia lv 30 100/169
Lugia used Silver Wind
Missingno lv 32 92/120
Missingno used Glitch
Missingno used Ultima!
Lugia Fainted
Marshawn used Master Ball.
Marshawn: Uhhh... Legendary Field! Uh Oh!
Legendary Battle!
Marshawn: Go Everyone!
Lugia, Shaymin, and Missingno vs. Arceus, Darkrai, Mew, and Ho-Oh
Arceus used PWNage
Party Died
Marshawn is all out of Pokemon
Marshawn: Bring It On!
Marshawn vs. Arceus
Marshawn used Spacial Rend
Arceus(Ghost) lv 69 754/900
Arcues used Judgement
It had No Effect!
Marshawn used Bite
That was Uber
Arceus(Ghost) lv 69 519/900
Arceus used Aerial Ace
Marshawn lv 100 1979/2100
Marshawn used Taboo Rage
Uber KO!
Marshawn: You can't grasp the true form of Marshawn!
Marshawn goes Super Saiyan
Marshawn captures Arcues
Marshawn vs. Darkrai
Marshawn used Mach Punch
Darkrai lv 72 30/987
Marshawn used Master Ball
Marshawn vs. Mew
Marshawn: I don't even need to attack
Marshawn used Master Ball
Marshawn vs. Ho-Oh
It started to Rain.
Ho-Oh used Rainbow Blast
Marshawn lv 1000 [Unlimited HP]
Marshawn uses Master Ball
Crowd: Go! Go!
Marshawn vs. Mewtwo, Primal Dialga, and Giratina
Marshawn used Master Ball
Everyone was Caught
Marshawn returned to normal lv
Marshawn gained lv 30
Marshawn Gained lv 25
Marshawn gained lv 49

Marshawn: In the love of Shaymin!
Ganondorf: I, Ganondorf, as Come back from the Sacred Realm to destroy the world
Voice 1: Come on Step Up!
Luigi: Ima Luigi, #1!
Geno: Geno Whirl!
Marshawn:(Suprised) Wha?

Boss Battle!
Marshawn, Sonic, Geno, Luigi vs. Ganondorf, Shadow, Dark Link, Bowser
Marshawn used Holy Water
Dark link lv 1 0/1
Geno used Geno Whirl
Bowser lv 39 300/398
Sonic used That Spinny Thingy-majig
Shadow lv 5 0/349
Luigi used Photo of Bowser's ex
Bowser lv 39 0/398
Luigi: Thata alwaysa work!
Geno used Superstar Saga Normal battle theme
Ganondorf lv 99999999 0/9999999999999999999999999999999999
Ganondork: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! You have seen the last of me!
No Rewards are given. :(

Crowd cheers

Geno: I think me and Luigi will travel with Marshawn for the sake of the series.

The End

Pokemon RP 2

2008-08-31 16:10:10 by SuperEeveeRPG

[Day 2]

Torchic: Torc a Torc a(Gets eaten by Mewtwo).
Marshawn: Mornin' Shaymin

Very Random Battle!
Marshawn: What the heck is that thing
Pokedex: Missingno. The Freakin' Glitch Pokemon.
Shaymin vs. Missingno
Missingno used Glitch
Missingno used splash
That was a retarded attack!
Shaymin uses Grenade
Missingno. lv over 9000 3/5
Missingno threw a retard
That was retarded!
Shaymin used Scrotum the Puppy
Scrotum used Gun
Missingno. lv n00b 0/5
Shaymin lv 5 xp: 200/10
Marshawn used Master Ball
Shaymin lved up to lv 25
Brock: Oh yes! Yes! Yeah! Oh yeah!
Marshawn: Hello?
Brock. Uhhh...(Turns off 1998 Windows.)
Marshawn: I would like to... You got something in your...
Brock: Yeah...
Marshawn: (Desturbed)Nevermind.
Shaymin, Missingno, vs. Regirock and Gardenvoir
Shaymin used Holy Grail
Regirock lv 12 34/50
Regirock used Uberly, Never-miss, KO
That was retarded!
Missingno used Glitch
Missingno used Hydro Pump
Gardenvoir lv 15 status: Retarded 0/n00bly 11
Regirock lv 12 status: noobish 0/50
Brock used Murder
Marshawn used PWNage
Brock lv Perv 0/1
The End!

The pokemon RP

2008-08-26 17:46:02 by SuperEeveeRPG

My name is Marshawn Hoover, an 11 year old Humanoid Eevee. I was on a ship once going to the Mushroom Kingdom from the Sinnoh Region and I fell down and landed on a Flowery Island called Flower Paradise. A Shaymin lived there and Shaymin took me back to the ship and I raised him. Now here's the story:
[Day 1]
Mom: Wake up!
Marshawn: Ow my head! Freakin' celling.
Marshawn was in underwear and an only child.
Mom: Mornin' My little Eevee
Mom: Better catch the Transpo bus they stop at Proffesor Dogwood's lab today.
Marshawn: Im ready with my backpack that never ends and my Shaymin.
Marshawn: Made it!
Prof. Dogwood's lab!
Marshawn got off and head to the lab.
Professor Dogwood: My! You got a Legendary as your first. Unexpected!
His rival, Misty, was there(Yes the gym leader Misty.)
Misty: Your whatever cant beat my Piplup

Shaymin vs. Piplup
Shaymin used Razor Leaf
Piplup lv 5 10/29
Piplup used Peck
Shaymin lv 7 34/56
Shaymin used Seed Flare(Ill make spelling mistakes now)
piplup lv 5 Dead
Shaymin Exp 10/49

Marshawn: Yes!
Misty: No! Im a Gym Leader!

It was getting dark.
Marshawn let's camp out

The End!

About me

2008-08-12 18:27:14 by SuperEeveeRPG

Hey this is about me I'll approve comments so no spam is here

Favorite Pokemon: Eevee & Shaymin tied
Favorite Console Game: Pokemon Battle Revoultion
Favorite PC game: Everquest 2

That's it for now