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Earthbound X-4

2009-03-24 21:25:39 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 24
Chapter 2
Marshawn just learned about his Ultimate Power. This Ultimate Power is the Ultimate Chair that's Marshawn's Ultimate Weapon called Ultima Chair. It's better than Marshawn's Time and Space Sword and Yo-yo of Arceus. Marshawn, Lucas, and Ninten search for the Ultimate Chair. Marshawn doesn't know his father is the Pokemon God himself, Arceus. So they search for the Chair that makes wielder become the Ruler of the Universe. So here is the Ultimate Story! I like to say "ultimate" all the time.
Marshawn: Man, that was some long introduction!
Lucas: So the first stop to the Ultima Chair is this Pimp Club?
Marshawn: According to The Book of Find the Ultima Chair, we must use PK Change. I don't know PK at all. NInten and Lucas will have to cast it on me. Make me Female and a Human.
The Party became feminine!
Lucca: Shawna! Why don't we just barge in with Uzis!
The Party returned back to normal!
Marshawn: Okay! We'll barge in with no plan and just screw up the hole place!
Marshawn equipped the AK-47
Ninten equipped the Mini gun
Lucas equipped the Mini-Uzi
Pimp Club
Pimp: What do you think you can just walk up?
Marshawn: My ears are bleeding!
Marshawn, Lucas, Ninten vs. Pimp
Marshawn used Rage
Pimp took 121 damage
Lucas used PK Change
The Party became Feminine! OMG!
Pimp used Pimp Rape on Ninta
Ninta took 1223 of Mortal Damage
Ninta got hurt and Collapsed
Shawna used Meteor
Pimp took 1213 damage
Lucca used PK Fire
Pimp took 2102 damage
Pimp died
Marshawn and Lucca gained 300 exp
Hoe 1: These bitches just took down our pimp!
Hoe 2: Time to die!
Hoe 3: let's go motherfuckas!
Marsha, Lucca vs. The Hoe Sisters
Marsha sent out his Hooker Mom
But it failed
Lucca sent out a Cursed Black Lion?!
The Hoe Sisters were cursed
A giant Mario Party 9001 came out of the sky and crushed The Hoe Sisters
The Hoe Sisters took 5000 damage
The Hoe Sisters sucked Marsha's boob
It failed NOOB! >:)
Marshawn used Revenge Strike
The Hoe Sisters took 9001 damage
The Hoe Sisters died
YOU WON!!!!!
The PK Change turned Marshawn, Lucas, and Ninten back to normal but their 6 years old (12 years old in Pokemon Age)
Cop: Freeze! Pimp Crimeass! Look at that! A bunch of toddlers took them down! HAHA!!!! Send out the lion!
Marshawn, Lucas, Ninten vs. Fake Cop, Lion
Marshawn used PK FUCKING FIRE!!!
To be motherfucking continued


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