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Earthbound X-4

2009-01-10 20:43:33 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 23
Marshawn: Yay! Farsqa!
Ninten: An arena!
Girl: Give me back my purse!
Gangster: Never! HAHA!
Marshawn: Give it back!
Gangster: Make me!
Marshawn, Ninten, Lucas vs. Gangster
Marshawn casted Fire
Gangster took 91 damage
Ninten used PK Techno
Gangster took 108 damage
Gangster took out a 10mm machine gun and shot Marshawn
Marshawn took 12 damage
Lucas used PK Fire
Gangster took 121 damage
Marshawn fired a Bottle Rocket
Gangster took 112 damage
Gangster regained all senses
Marshawn and friends gained 123 xp
Marshawn leveled up to lv 12
Marshawn learned RPGs
Gangster: Great work Abbey!
Abbey: You're awesome Tyler!
Tyler: We did a good job getting to show to rock with actual heroes helping.
Marshawn: WTF!
Tyler: That was a show to get a hero's attention. We got a problem downtown!
Farsqa Downtown
Marshawn: What the hell is that?!
Tyler: That's the two headed dragon called, Inf'aw!
Marshawn: Let's-a go!
Marshawn, Tyler, Ninten vs. Inf'aw
Inf'aw breathed fire
Marshawn took 21 damage
Marshawn used RPGs
Earthbound Zero Gameplay videos hit Inf'aw
Inf'aw took 123 damage
Tyler used Thunder Bolt
Inf'aw took 132 damage
Ninten used PK Techno
Inf'aw took 213 damage
Inf'aw died
Marshawn and friends got 1213 xp
There was a present, Marshawn opened it, WHOA! There was a bottle of water, Marshawn took it.


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2009-01-24 19:40:57


SuperEeveeRPG responds:

thanks. To tell you the truth, Inf'aw was based off the dragon the heroes kill in the book Epic.


2009-02-23 17:21:08

whats the sinnoh reigion? is that in asia?

SuperEeveeRPG responds:

It's a region in the Pokemon World. Right now I'm hooked on Earthbound, a game Nintendo of America barely wanted to sell.


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