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Earthbound X

2008-10-26 11:16:02 by SuperEeveeRPG

Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush belongs to joshy676
Episode 9
Marshawn, Loki, Tori, Koopa vs. Weegee(Sanctuary Guardian)
Marshawn and the party put on Anti-Weegee Stare Googles
Marshawn bashed Weegee with Excalibar
Weegee lv?? ???/???
Loki ESPER LIMIT BREAK!!! Bob-Bomb Field Sigma!
Weegee lv?? ???/???
Tori bashed Weegee with Culex Frying Pan
Weegee lv?? ???/???
Koopa used PK Encore Sigma
Marshawn got another turn
Marshawn played Fiddle De Chocobo
Weegee was weakened
Weegee had his eyes crossed
Marshawn played Something Not Learned
Marshawn played Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush-joshy676
Marshawn learned Super Mario RPG: Boss Rush-joshy676
Marshawn gained lv 50
Loki, Tori, and Koopa got stolen by a mysterious object
Dungeon-The Rescue
Marshawn used PK Shield Sigma
Bowser's Castle
Marshawn vs. Bowser
Marshawn used PK Laz0r Sigma
Bowser lv 87 90000/100000
Bowser used Flamethrower
Marshawn lv 50 9000/10000
Marshawn used PK Life Up Sigma
Marshawn's HP was Maxed
Lucky! Marshawn got another turn!
Marshawn used Spartan Kick
To be continued(short)

Earthbound X

2008-10-25 18:38:04 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 8
Bottle hit Marshawn on the head(no glass to our ever-young hero.)
The Meeting of the Will
Boithy: Okay the will for King Edgar will now begin the last and most important part.

Twentysix: My castle, fame, troops, kingdom, wealth, and power will go to my childhood friend, Marshawn R. Hoover, my tools will go to Loki, my shells will go to Koopa, my Collection of Battle Frying Pans will go to Tori, my swords will go to Link, and my hammers will go to Luigi. Anything else for the un-recruited heroes will go to them.

Tori: You know Edgar from Final Fantasy VI?!
Marshawn: Yes. He was my best friend and he became a teenager through the Fountain of Aging.
Battlebat Castle
Loki: How aren't we aging, Marshawn?
Koopa: Due to releasing Esper Effects, we don't age.
Marshawn: Well I have to tour this place.
Battlebat Castle Dungeon
Marshawn: Holy Giygas!
Marshawn vs. Tentacle
Marshawn bashed Tentacle with Star Star Bat
Marshawn vs. Kraken
Marshawn used PK Lighting Sigma
Marshawn gained lv 46
Marshawn got a Star Crystal
To be continued(For planning)

Earthbound X

2008-10-25 14:46:03 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 7
Marshawn: Now to get the S.S. Subspace ready!
Marshawn, Pickey, Loki vs. Pokey
Marshawn bashed Pokey with Star Star Bat
Pokey lv?? ???/???
Pickey used PK Revenge Sigma
Pokey lv?? ???/???
Loki LIMIT BREAK!!! Bob-Bomb Field!
Pokey was Bob-Bombed
Pokey sent out explosive Pokeys which exploded by Pokey.
Pokey lv?? ???/??? Malfuctioning
Marshawn LIMIT BREAK 1!!!! Star Hurricane!
Pokey goes boom in 5 attacks to this machinery
Marshawn LIMIT Break 2!!!! Through the Fire and Flames- Dragonforce- Expert 100%
Tori: Holy! It's just too good!
Pokey lv?? 500000000/???
Marshawn turned it into instrumental
Pokey lv?? 1838847/???
Marshawn turned it into 8-bit
Marshawn learned Heat of Battle-Final Fantasy Mystic Quest- Expert 100%
Marshawn played Heat of Battle-Final Fantasy Mystic Quest- Expert 100%
Marshawn learned Star Apocalypse! Marshawn's Ultimate Spell!
Plane of Oblivion 1
Marshawn vs. Dybpingas
Marshawn was "Cooking up something spicky"
Marshawn used Star Apocalypse
Marshawn gained lv 45
Marshawn got mysterious machine!
Day later.
Mayor Franky made Marshawn rich.
Marshawn and Loki were Grand Champions at the Arena but...
Marshawn: 0.o
Marshawn, Loki, Koopa vs. Dark Cloud
Marshawn threw Holy Water
To be continued!

Earthbound X

2008-10-18 21:41:24 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 6
Marshawn vs. Giegue
Eevee: You sure you can take her on?
Marshawn: Sure!
Tabuu: It's the final boss so I'm helping.
Eevee: I am joining to!
Tabuu sang the Song
Tabuu: I can't believe I have to sing Caramell Dansen
Marshawn: STFU Tabuu mine is epic!
Marshawn sang Tal Tal Heights_-The Legend of Zelda
You Beat the Game but there is more.
Marshawn sang Bein Friends(Mother)-SSBB
Tori: I love this song!
Link: It is quite a song.
Marshawn's Mansion
Koopa: Marshawn Did it!
Loki: Marshawn!
Lucas: I knew my childhood friend would pull it off.
Dad: Marshawn did it!
Picky: Go Marshawn!
Picky's Dad: Marshawn, Now that's a boy. A hero.
Ness: Marshawn did it!
Paula: Go Marshawn!
Jeff: Marshawn's Espers did it also.
Poo: All thanks to a song.
Mom: Marshawn, my boy is a hero...
Mr. Saturn: BOING BOING! Marshawn did it!
Mario: Marshawn!
Peach: Marshawn did it!
Zelda: Marshawn did it!
Sarah: Link and Marshawn did it!
Master Hand: Marshawn freed me from Tabuu...
Ninten: Marshawn did it!
Franky: Go Marshawn!
To be continued.

Earthbound X

2008-10-18 20:42:15 by SuperEeveeRPG

Link: That's out of the way.
Eevee: My son...
Marshawn: Yes father...
Eevee: Marshawn, you were always taking your human genes. I am your first Esper of your journey. But you see I disapeared from my human genes. My human genes were Scatman John!
Marshawn and friends were Surprised!
Marshawn: How do I carry Espers.
Eevee: Go into that door.
Marshawn gained Esper Slot
Marshawn: How does that fit in that?
Eevee: Touch my permafrost.
Eevee turns into a minature stone.
Marshawn: I see now!
Marshawn puts Eevee in his Esper Slot.
Luigi: Go Weegee!
Fate's Crib
Fate: I see you got another PK User.
Tori: Marshawn, can you come into another room with me privately.
Marshawn: Sure.
Tori: I have a crush on you.
Marshawn acts like Snake has been encountered.
Marshawn: !
Tori quickly kisses Marshawn
Tori: Not tell!
Marshawn: Ok!
Fate's Crib
Tori and Luigi joins Marshawn
Fate: The Next Esper is in Threed.
Marshawn: Oh Heck No!
Marshawn of The Dead lol
Marshawn: Link you brought the holy water.
Link: Yes!
Marshawn, Link, Tori vs. Zombie
Zombie eats Marshawn's Brains
Marshawn: Back off Loser!
Marshawn: IMA FIRIN MAH LAZ0R! lol
Marshawn sings Gourmet Race-Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Zombies: What happen?
The Zombies turn back into regular people.
Man: That boy has the power of Holy Metal.
Marshawn vs. Meta Knight
Meta Knight:*Hyper* FIGHT ME!
Marshawn: Take it easy!
Marshawn was taking out something
Marshawn shot Meta Knight with the Laz0r gun
The Zombie Brain
Marshawn, Link, Tori vs. Brain
Marshawn used Birabuto Theme
Marshawn gained lv 36
Link gained lv 35
Tori gained lv 34
Marshawn: What is happening?
Link: Subspace...
Marshawn vs. Tabuu
Tabuu: I am the mysterious one.
Marshawn used Bazooka
Tabuu lv?? ???/???
Fate made Tabuu's Fate worse
Tabuu lv?? ???/??? Death 304
Marshawn: ????
Marshawn used Spacial Rend
Marshawn: O.o
Tabuu lv?? ???/??? Death 1
Tabuu bashed Marshawn
Marshawn gained lv 37
Tabuu was frozen in Permafrost
Marshawn gained the Tabuu Esper
To be continued

Earthbound X

2008-10-18 19:05:18 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 4
Marshawn used PK Rockin' Sigma
Marshawn sang Big Blue- F-Zero
Olaf: Turn it off!
Tori: No way! I love this!
Olaf: I'm going to crap on a tree.
Tori: You do that.
Marshawn: Thanks for my practice Tori.
Tori: No Problem!
The Battle of the Bands
Tori: This is going to rock!
Announcer: The child and hero of this series, and contracted to play Nintendo Music, Marshawn Hoover!
Tori: WOOT!
Marshawn used PK Rockin' Sigma
Marshawn sang Big Blue-F-Zero
The Crowd cheers but BOOM!
Marshawn stops
Marshawn, Tori, Olaf vs. Bomb, Apocalypse, Horror
Bomb: We're the Terror Sharks!
Marshawn used PK Rockin' Metal
Marshawn sang Metal Big Blue- Some guy on Youtube
Bomb lv 41 900/1000
Apocalypse was Posessed by Marshawn's Awesomeness and stabbed Bomb in the Back
Bomb lv 41 123/1000
Olaf bashed Bomb with the T-Rex Bone
Bomb collapsed
Apocalypse's ears exploded and collapsed
Horror collapsed
Marshawn gained lv 35
???: You need to learn more magic.
Fate's Crib
Fate: Marshawn, Tori, Olaf. You three are a team of two kids and a dog. An unlikely team, but strong each in a unique way.
Marshawn: *Readies his sword* Who are you?!
Fate: I am Fate, I decide people's fates. But yours is free. As long as every other PK users. You need to find the pure PK users. There is a young Nintendo boy who just learned his first PK Spell. His name is Link. A savior of Hyrule. Also you need to collect Espers. There is one down in Hyrule called Eevee. But you got one already. Marshawn is a relative of the Esper, Eevee.
Marshawn: !
Fate: Marshawn, you always were the one who can act as a human. You're the only Esper who can be a normal child. I will make protals around the world where you can come here. So Tori and Olaf stay here.
Link: So your saying that you need me to go on your adventure?
Marshawn: Yes.
Link: Sweet!
Link: Luigi has the same power of PK.
Link calls Luigi
Luigi: Hey Link yeah I'll go on a adventure.
Link and Luigi join Marshawn's Party
Eevee's Location
Luigi: This place is creepy...
Marshawn: This is the Esper's Location.
Marshawn, Link, Luigi vs. Weegee
Luigi: What is this.
Marshawn used PK Stuff Sigma
Marshawn pulled out the Tails Doll
Weegee is revealed
02: I will have my revenge!
Marshawn used Bazooka
02 lv?? ???/???
Link got out the Machine Gun
Luigi used PK Stuff Sigma
Luigi used Holy Water
02 lv?? ???/???
Marshawn prayed
All the way in the Pokemon RPG series, The heroes saw Marshawn's Trouble and prayed for the safety of Marshawn and company.
Link prayed
Zelda and the Hyrule Castle saw Link's trouble and Prayed for him and his friends.
Luigi prayed
Daisy prayed for Luigi and friends so she can make some babies.
To be continued

Earthbound X

2008-10-15 19:47:06 by SuperEeveeRPG

Episode 3
Marshawn: Run!
Tori: I hate infringing Indiana Jones!
Olaf: It'll be something that will make us be rich!
Marshawn: It's catching up!
Marshawn used PK Speed Sigma
Marshawn: Lets go!
Marshawn grabs Olaf and Tori
Tori: How do you have this spell?
Marshawn: Spellbooks!
Marshawn: Oh no! A ramp!
Marshawn lands on the ground face flat while Tori and Olaf lands on their feet
Marshawn: Ow!
Tori picks up Marshawn
Tori: Man you landed big time!
Marshawn lv 32 543/643
Marshawn used PK Lifeup Sigma
Marshawn lv 32 643/643
Marshawn, Olaf, Tori vs. Primal Dialga
You can't grasp the true form of Primal Dialga's Attack lol
Marshawn grasped it! LIAR!!!
Marshawn turned into Star Space Marshawn
Marshawn used Star Hurricane
Primal Dialga lv 68 990/1034
Olaf used PK Steak Sigma
A giant landed flat on Primal Dialga
Primal Dialga lv 68 741/1034
Tori bashed Primal Dialga with Peach's Pan
Primal Dialga lv 68 560/1034
Primal Dialga was charging something
Marshawn used PK Epic Sigma
Primal Dialga lv 68 12/1034
Olaf did a biting attack!
Marshawn leveled up to lv 33
Olaf leveled up to lv 32
Tori leveled up to lv 31
Marshawn's House
Mom: Hi Marshawn. I see you got a new friend.
Tori: Yup!
Mom: Well rest up.
Marshawn's room
Mom: Yes! The treasure is mine.
Tori vs. Sunwoman
Tori bashed Sunwoman with Pech's Pan
Sunwoman lv 39 90/321
Sunwoman used PK Fire Beta
Tori used PK Stuff Sigma
You can't grasp the true form of Tori's Attack
Tori: Stay Down!
To be continued

Earthbound X

2008-10-14 17:06:25 by SuperEeveeRPG

"I feel h...a...p...p...y... m...e...a...l...s..."
Episode 2: Giygas and Star Space Marshawn
Marshawn, Loki, Koopa, Olaf, Paula vs. Giygas
You can't grasp Giygas' Attack whatever...
Marshawn grasped it OMG O.o!
Marshawn turned into Star Space Marshawn
Paula: OMG!
Loki: Go Marshawn!
Ness: This is better than finding the Excalibar in a trash can as a bat!
Jeff: Better than fixing laz0rs!
Koopa: God Powers!
Giygas: Die!
Marshawn used Star Needles
Giygas lv?? 90000/???
Giygas bashed Marshawn with the Darkness
Paula prayed
Giygas lv?? 4000/???
Marshawn bashed Giygas with Dialga Bat
9000 xp gained
Marshawn gained lv 27
Marshawn learned PK Hack Beta
Ness: Time to leave.
Jeff: Why is Marshawn and his friends not in robot armor?
Marshawn: We just did. Hear still in Star Space Marshawn get out of your shells I'll guide your souls.
Saturn Valley
Lucas: I hope Marshawn and his friends are okay.
Marshawn: Dang right we are!
Marshawn: Every get inside the PK Teleport
Party gets inside the PK Teleport
Marshawn: Back to my mansion!
Marshawn's Mansion
Koopa: There is more PK users, Marshawn. We gotta find them.
Koopa: Choose your party!
Marshawn: Olaf, Ness, and Paula
Ness: How about you go with Olaf alone. That way you spend less money!
Olaf joined the party!
Olaf: The next PK user should be in this town
Marshawn: Okay!
Marshawn, Olaf vs. Dangerous Hippy
Dangerous Hippy used machine gun
Olaf lv 25 670/720
Marshawn bashed Dangerous Hippy with Marshawn's Bat
Olaf: It's getting late. Let's go stay at a hotel.
Dyhu Hotel
Employee: There heroes let them have the special room.
???: Marshawn... Marshawn... Next Door you'll find who your looking for...
A mysterious princess who has PK Powers, she has a crush on Marshawn...
Olaf: There is no room next door!
Marshawn: Not next room but next building.
Tori's Castle
Olaf: This must be it.
Tori: Marshawn! I knew you get it right! I'm Tori! Princess of Dyhu. I see you brought Olaf.
Olaf: Yep!
Tori: Let's go! Follow Me!
Dyhu Tunnel
Marshawn: Monsters!
Marshawn, Olaf, Tori vs. Underground UFO
Tori used PK Love Alpha
Underground UFO lv 21 213/249
Marshawn used PK Epic Zeta
Marshawn used PK Teleport Sigma!
???: This is your 2nd Sanctuary Place. Take it if you dare!
Marshawn, Olaf, Tori vs. 02
02: I was defeated in a Kirby game. Stronger, a whole new form, new attacks, I will rule this game!
02 used Star Storm
Miss Party!
Marshawn bashed 02 with Marshawn's Bat
02 lv 30 1321/2042
Olaf bashed 02 with Rhino Bone
02 lv 30 943/2042
Tori used PK Pyscho Bomb Alpha
02 lv 30 456/2042
02 used Star Needles
Marshawn used Star Needles
02 lv 30 120/2042
Olaf did a biting attack
Marshawn recorded Your Face in the MP3 Stone and put in the Your Sanctuary Folder
To be Continued

Earthbound X

2008-10-12 16:12:03 by SuperEeveeRPG

SuperEeveeRPG: Somethings first! This is a Series of Fanfic using Pokemon RPG's Marshawn. Loki is Fineas' Character. Give this fanfic some hope. It'll make me beat Giygas with some support. My slogan is "Stop! Hammer Time!" Support it and live with the slogan. To use these characters in Flash, or youtube. Contact me or contact my Youtube account(MtMarshawn)

Episode 1
Marshawn: Where's the meteor?
Olaf: I'm your dog! I'll sniff it out!
Loki: Cool!
Marshawn, Loki, Olaf vs. Hippy
Hippy used Bullhorn
It doesn't work!
Marshawn bashed The Hippy with Marshawn's Bat.
Hippy lv 8 30/50
Olaf did a biting attack!
Marshawn gained lv 10
Loki gained lv 10
Olaf gained lv 10
Olaf: There's Traps ahead! Run!
Marshawn: I'll use my tail as a SMB3 power up!
Meteor Site
Marshawn: It's Big!
Loki: A giant Meatball!
???: Observation times over.
Loki: Turtle!
Koopa: I'm Koopa. From the Mushroom Kingdom. I am here to help you.
Sunwoman: Koopa you are sucessfully ruining Giygas' Plans. You are wanted by Sunwoman Law.
Koopa: Over my Dead Shell.
Marshawn, Loki, Olaf, Koopa vs, Sunwoman Junior
Marshawn bashed Sunwoman Junior with Marshawn's Bat
Sunwoman lv 15 230/260
Koopa bashed Sunwoman Junior with Paka Paka Shell
Sunwoman Junior lv 15 120/260
Sunwoman used PK Fire a
Loki bashed Sunwoman Junior with Stone Spear
Sunwoman lv 15 90/260
Olaf bashed Sunwoman Junior with Rubber Bone
Sunwoman lv 15 30/260
Koopa used PK Finish Him!
You Won!
Gained 120 XP
Marshawn found a present.
Marshawn got a Giygas Cookie.
Marshawn's House
Mom: Hello Koopa would you care for some Lemons. Homemade Lemons grown in my Garden.
Koopa: Sure!
Marshawn: (Yes! My Favorite Food!)
Marshawn got Lemons.
Marshawn and Co. ate the Lemons.
Party's Health Maxed Out
News: Marshawn needs to get of his butt and beat Franky!
Marshawn: Fine!
Franky's Yard
Franky: Hello Marshawn, so you want to get the key to Traveling Entertainer's Shack. Fight Me!
Marshawn, Loki, Olaf, Koopa vs. Franky
Marshawn used PK Parody a.
Marshawn: All your health are to belong to us!
Party's Health maxed out!
Koopa bashed Franky with Paka Paka Shell
Franky lv 13 90/120
Loki bashed Franky with Stone Spear
Franky lv 13 70/120
Olaf bashed Franky with Rough Bone
Franky lv 13 49/120
Franky threw a Knife
Marshawn lv 10 98/100
Marshawn bashed Franky with Marshawn's Bat
Franky lv 13 12/120
Loki used Bomb
Franky: IT BURNS!
You Won!
Marshawn gained lv 11
Loki gained 120 xp
Koopa gained lv 10
Olaf gained lv 11
Marshawn learned PK RPGs a
Olaf learned PK BoneStorm.
Franky: You won! Here is a note from me!
Marshawn got Break-up Note
Koopa: I forgot! This is Giant's Step!
Marshawn got MP3 Stone.
Marshawn recorded Giant's Step and put it into the Sanctuary Folder.
Mayor's Office
Marshawn gave the Break-Up Note to Mayor Kefka.
Kefka: Yes, yes! Awesome! You deserve an award! How about a Roadblock Pass?
Marshawn: Sure!
Marshawn got Roadblock Pass.
Kefka: Also we are giving you a free home. No taxes!
Marshawn got Marshawn's House Placer.
Kefka: Builders will place your house where you put it. *Laughs.*
Onett Plains
Marshawn places Marshawn's House Placer
Marshawn's House appears
Koopa: Whoa! *Hides in Shell*
Marshawn: Stop fooling around.
Marshawn's House
Marshawn: Oh my god! A digital TV, Comcast Service, PSP, and More!
To be Continued!

Pokemon RPG

2008-09-28 10:58:46 by SuperEeveeRPG

Day 7
Aeris: Marshawn, Do you want to go out again?
Marshawn: *mumbles* again... sure...
Aeris: Let's go!
Aeris: I choose Peach.
Marshawn: And I choose Geno.
Marshawn: Smithy's Factory
Marshawn: *Winning Super Smash Bros. Kombat* Got the Smash Ball! Here it comes, Geno Blast.
Game: Game!
Aeris: Man! I should have chosen Crono or Tifa as my Character.
Marshawn: Let's go get a Chocobo.
Aeris: Yeah!
Marshawn, Aeris vs. Mewtwo
Marshawn summons Holy Gigyas
Holy Gigyas used Holy
Mewtwo lv** 9000/11000
Aeris used Ancient's Power
Aeris used Meteo Shot
Mewtwo lv** 5000/11000
Marshawn attack with Masamune VII
Mewtwo lv** 3000/11000
Mewtwo used Ultima
Marshawn used Lucca's Theme
Mewtwo couldn't take the happiness
4000 xp gained
4000 gil gained
Marshawn: What's that music? Chocobo! Emerald Eye Chocobo! The Rarest one is for me!
Aeris: Go ahead I got mine an Emerald eye too!
Marshawn vs. Emerald Eye
Emerald Eye used Peck
Marshawn used Tame
Name This Character!
Aeris vs. Emerald Eye
Aeris attack with Ressurect Rod
Emerald Eye lv 79 500/1000
Emerald Eye used Peck
Aeris lv 92 9991/10000
Aeris used Tame.
Name This Character
Marshawn: Mine's name is Bessy
Aeris: Mine's Kirrybo.
???: Challenge me!
Marshawn, Aeris vs. Yuffie
Marshawn use punch
Yuffie: I'll join you.
Yuffie: What's that? What's that? What's That?
To be continued
Yuffie: No way!